Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The Clearblue line test had a DARK second line.

The FRER digi said "Yes".

The EPT line test has a very, very faint second line (practically invisible unless held under BRIGHT light).



Last October I got a false + so I'm absolutely terrified right now.

The second The Coach walked in from practice I burst into tears. And he said "Don't cry yet--GO PEE!". So I peed in a cup, stuck the test in and the first line and the control line showed up immediately. The Coach said "I'm sorry" and walked out of the bathroom. And I continued to look at the test and then yelled for him to get back in there "I SWEAR I see a second line!".

He saw it too.

I sent him out for a digi.

Check Spelling


Prayers, thoughts, vibes, whatevers PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!


  1. Just came on here to see if you had posted, and of course you had! lol Hoping you're off celebrating with the Coach! I am so happy for you and sending lots of thoughts, prayers, and awesome beta vibes your way. Seriously, tears in my eyes over here. Hoping & praying you get a nice fat number tomorrow. :)

  2. AAAAAHHH! I was thinking of you all last night, and checked a few times for an update before going to bed. I am praying this is no false positive and you get a great beta result today. You are in my thoughts. EEEK!