Thursday, October 7, 2010

literally game time...

...for The Coach! His team starts their fall games today...I absolutely can not believe it is time for this again. It feels like we just finished his season! (His sport plays fall games in October--DI schools are allowed to play 8 games during the month but they can not play any other DI schools and they can not travel so area community colleges and DIIs come to campus to play. Their "real" games go from February-June.) It just blows my mind that it is time for this again.

I triggered last night and it was a very uneventful trigger (which is good!) and now we just wait. It is so strange..for the first week or so of a cycle it is craziness..appointment after appointment, shot, medication, yada yada and then you get trigger and you wait. For the IUI. And then after the IUI you wait again. For the beta (granted, during this time I do progesterone suppositories but that is nothing to be excited about). It is all hurry up and wait! Much like my job is...

Anyway, The Coach was able to change his flights to New Jersey to accomodate our IUI so he is flying out tomorrow night at 7:00. That will give us plenty of time to get to the clinic (we have to leave our house at 5am--ugh!), do the IUI --taking into consideration that the main clinic is always running behind--get out of there, maybe grab lunch/breakfast and take our time getting home. There will be NO STRESS for me tomorrow and that is exactly what I was going for. Realistically there is no reason for me to take off of work tomorrow but I just wanted to. It is so stressful trying to rush to get back from the main clinic, especially when my boss is blowing up my phone with issues, problems, concerns, questions...

I plan to spend my night tomorrow and my day Saturday on the couch, relaxing. The Coach has a late flight home on Saturday night so I'll be watching football all day on my own.

I normally don't do this but, please, if y'all have any thoughts/vibes/prayers/whatever to send our way, I'd really appreciate it. I'm afraid The Coach is getting his hopes up a little too high for this cycle because of the improvements the Menopur has caused and I just don't know that I can handle seeing him crushed again. Especially with another surgery and another 8 month break looming in our future.

I also want to thank all of you for reading my blog and for the support you've shown me. As many of you know, infertility is an extremely painful and often times isolating journey and it helps me more than you will ever know when I think of the people that are supporting us. We have chosen not to really share our infertility with many in real life (only The Coach's parents know, my boss and two really good friends of ours) so it helps to have all of the support we can get.

Much love and appreciation,

The Coach's Wife


  1. Sending positive thoughts your way! I really hope this is it for you guys. I will be anxiously waiting with you.

  2. Hope everything is going well today! Thinking of you!