Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Columbus Day!

Unless of course you are like me and had to work...not really much celebration of this fine holiday when you are stuck in the office for 10+ hours. ::sigh::

I had a fabulous weekend! I did a whole lot of nothing. I spent the vast majority of the weekend on the couch, relaxing and watching football. And boy was it a good weekend of football! If you know anything about college football you know which team, prior to this weekend, was #1 team in the country. You also know that they went down this weekend! Which is fabulous for me because I'm a huge fan of their biggest rival! And we won our game! For the first time in a long time we have a better record than they do and are ranked higher in the polls than they are! YAY!

The Coach got home late on Saturday night, just in time to see our team kick the game winning field goal. We also spent the better part of yesterday on the couch relaxing. Hopefully that helps promote a pregnancy!

The Coach has also started "talking to the baby". Awwww...he tells the baby how much he already loves it, how much he wants it to stick around, how he will coach that little baby into a premier athlete...:) Precious.

9 days until my beta...I'm trying to decide if I should pee on a stick or not this cycle. Normally I HATE to POAS..I avoid it at all costs and usually only do it the night before my beta. I do that because I don't want to think I have a BFP and then get the call of a BFN while at work. But last cycle I tested earlier than that. And I tested a lot. And we all know how that worked out...anyone have any opinions or advice?

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  1. I was so happy they got beat too! Not an Alabama fan... Glad you had a good weekend! As far as POAS - I hate it too so you know what camp I'm in! GL sweetie!