Friday, October 8, 2010

October 20th

is the day we will find out if this IUI worked.

Everything went really well with the IUI this morning! The Coach's pre-wash sample had 198 million motile sperm and his post-wash count was 23 million. He was a little disappointed because his sample for our August IUI had 37 million post-wash count but the NP assured him that 23 million is really awesome and everything is fine. She said they want 2-5 million so to have 23 million is obviously great by their standards. I think that made him feel a little better...

After the IUI we did an ultrasound which showed the pool of semen sitting literally right in the middle of my three biggest follies. So, they've found the follies now hopefully they continue to be aggressive and push into those follies.

When we got home The Coach had to pack up and hit the road again to catch his flight. I'm spending the rest of the day today and all day tomorrow relaxing on the couch, with the dogs, watching TV --lots of football!

I'm still trying really hard to not get my hopes up too high but, sheesh, it is really hard. It is like a light switch...the second the sample is injected I automatically think I'm pregnant or something and start talking about "the baby" and stuff like that. The Coach scolded me and told me it will only make a BFN that much harder but I don't really think it matters. BFNs are insanely hard regardless and it is kind of nice to be blissfully naive about all of this...

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  1. Here's to hoping for a BFP. You've had too many BFFN.