Sunday, October 24, 2010


Hello, my name is The Coach's Wife and I'm addicted to peeing on things. Really only home pregnancy tests. In the past 6 days I've peed on 10 sticks. All but two have been positive. I just peed on another one...and the line came up instantly and is super dark. I peed in the cup, The Coach dipped the test and as soon as he was done with the dip I walked out into the kitchen. Not even 30 seconds later he came in with a huge thumbs up sign. This is the same brand I got my first + on when I tested last Tuesday and it took a good 3 minutes to come up and the test line was pretty faint.

So I'm choosing to remain hopeful. I'm praying that the spotting is just a result of the progesterone supps and nothing more serious. I'm also going to beg and plead to switch to PIO shots exclusively tomorrow. I just don't see why I can't...

Maybe I'll get a little sleep tonight...


Oh and to the companies of ClearBlue Easy Results, First Response Early Response, First Response Gold Digital and EPT Pregnancy Test...I am definitely helping to keep you in business. And you are very welcome. Now, continue to show me positives!!!

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