Monday, January 17, 2011

well....we have

3 strong embryos!

I waited all damn day for the call from my nurse...she finally called at 3:00 to let me know that all three of our mature eggs from Saturday have developed into "strong embryos"!!!

My clinic does not give out the specifics (# of cells, fragmentation, grade) of the embryos until you arrive at the clinic for the transfer but she repeated twice that they were "strong" so I'll take it!

We are on for our transfer on Wednesday at 11:30am. My nurse asked if I wanted her to call in a Rx for Valium for me for the transfer and while I wanted to scream "HELL YES! I could have used that today, too!" I just said "I think that would be best!".

I can't believe it. We have three embabies growing. It is absolutely crazy how much I love those little petri dishes full of cells right now...but I do. I love them a ton. And I hope, hope, hope they keep being strong...keep growing and dividing and turn into blasts for our transfer. I can't wait to see pictures of them :)