Monday, January 10, 2011

good news x 2!!

My clinic opened up this morning at 10:00 for IVF patients. I feel so, so blessed because out of their 4 locations, mine was the only one to open! The roads up there really weren't too bad at all...thankfully! I tend to get a bit uptight when driving [or riding] in those situations.

They did do a blood draw but I won't get the results until tomorrow. I was very worried that I was going to be right on that edge of whether or not to trigger and we'd really need my E2 levels to make an informed decision. Luckily that wasn't the case! My largest follie was only at 17 so I'm still not quite to trigger stage! I was so relieved and my NP was, too! I'm taking another round of meds and going back for another check in the morning.

In other good news, my place of employment is closed tomorrow, too! Not really sure why...considering the roads are fine now and it is only supposed to get warmer overnight but I'll take it! It only means that tonight, when my Auburn Tigers win, I'll be able to stay up later "partying"!

I'm sure I've probably come off as a crazy, ridiculous nut job on this blog over the past few days...and I'm sorry for that. I promise I'm really only crazy and nut job here!


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  1. I am so glad you made it to the clinic and that they were open! I was praying for you this morning! :)