Thursday, January 6, 2011

*bloodwork results and the plan*

After 4 nights of stims my E2 (estradiol) is 96 and my P4 (progesterone) is .4.

Each mature follicle gives off an E2 level of anywhere from 200-400 so my E2 level is right on track considering I have no follicles that are close to being mature at this time. And, this early in a cycle, you want the P4 low...a high level indicates ovulation is close or has occurred. So we are all good there!

My plan is to continue my stims (375iu Gonal-F and 75iu Menopur) nightly and add in Ganirelix tonight and I go back for my next monitoring appointment on Monday. I was a little surprised that I wouldn't have to go in over the weekend but typically a follicle will grow 2mm per day so if my largest right now is 12mm, they won't be around the mature mark for at least another few days, especially with the added Ganirelix.

I'm such a Type A personality that I have such a hard time trusting other people and letting them be in control. But I know I have a fabulous RE, I know I'm at a great clinic and I completely trust everyone there. I just don't trust my body to do what it should...

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