Friday, January 7, 2011

today I look pregnant

Yep, the bloat as officially taken over. I look about 5 months pregnant. Just waiting for someone at work to comment...

I had my 5th night of stims last night and my first Ganirelix shot. The Ganirelix comes in a nice, neat little pre-filled syringe. No mixing, transferring, measuring...just pop off the cap and inject. Nice :)

I also went through all of my meds to figure out how much I have left. I really hope I trigger on Monday or Tuesday because if I don't, I'll need to place another order. I have enough Gonal-F and Ganirelix to get me through my Monday night shots (so if I triggered Monday I'd have a bit of extra and if I triggered Tuesday, I'd use all the remaining meds on Monday night) and enough Menopur to get me through Tuesday's shot. I do have some leftover Menopur from my IUI cycle back in October so I should be ok as far as Menopur goes. I'd just have to order the expensive meds (Gonal-F)...::sigh::

So keep your fingers crossed that I go in on Monday morning, my follies are all nice and plump, my E2 level is high, my P4 level is low and I get to trigger on Monday night for a Wednesday ER!

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