Monday, January 10, 2011

shit, shit, shit

My NP called at 5:00 this morning to tell me that my clinic is closed today. Of course it is fucking closed. She said they may be able to open later in the day to do an ultrasound but there's no way I'll be able to get my E2 level back today because they won't be able to get the blood to Birmingham. This is bad. Really bad. In all of my IUI cycles, except for the last one, you know the ONLY one that achieved a pregnancy, my ultrasound results looked great but my E2 level was low...indicating immature follies that looked mature on the ultrasound. And I can't believe we are going to run the risk of that happening again for our IVF cycle. The clinic hasn't closed for weather in over 8 years but, of course, they end up closed on the day that I absolutely need them to be open. I have the worst fucking luck in the whole world.

She also told me that all local Quest and LabCorp labs are I can't have my draw somewhere else.

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