Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So sorry I've been slacking with blogging. I just really have nothing to report. Well nothing other than the fact that I've been POAS since Sunday (so 4dp5dt, 5dp5dt and 6dp5dt) and have yet to see anything other than stark white. All negatives. Figures. I'm pretty much accepting the fact that our first IVF cycle didn't work. Pregnancy would show up on a FRER by 11dpo (which equals 6dp5dt so that was last night's tests).

I want to stop my PIO shots so badly. I've felt like crap all week and, since I'm not pregnant, I'm sure it is the progesterone. 2cc daily + Crinone daily is just too much. Yuck. I actually almost didn't take it last night. I was in a mood, The Coach (who gives me IM shots) was fast asleep in the recliner and I almost said F it all. But I'm a big chicken, and I like to torture myself (with lots of stark white HPTs and big, huge, painful needles) so of course I did it.

I just wish Friday would get here so I could have the official word that my body sucks ass and so I could stop the shots.


  1. I hope it is just too soon. I am glad the agony of not knowing will end tomorrow, anyway!

  2. Good luck tomorrow! All of my good thoughts are going your way. p.s. I nominated you for the stylish blogger award :)