Wednesday, January 12, 2011

triggering tonight!

My IVF nurse just called to tell me that my blood work and ultrasound results from today are good and I'm triggering tonight at 8:30 for a Friday morning ER! WOO-HOO! I'm so excited!

I had a long conversation with my NP about my low E2 this morning. That was the first thing that I asked her and she said she never even saw the results yesterday so she'd pull up my chart. Then she asked me what my E2 was. I told her 488 and asked her if that was low...and her response was "welllllll...maybe". Then she pulled up my chart. Turns out that was actually my E2 from Monday (when the blood work wasn't processed due to the storm) and yesterday's E2 was up in the 600 range. Then she asked me if I was on Ganirelix and when I said yes she told me to absolutely not worry about the E2 level at all. That Ganirelix really suppresses the level in the blood work but it doesn't suppress the number of follicles or their maturity. Basically that while on Ganirelix, an E2 level isn't really very indicative of the number of mature follies a person has. Based on the u/s she is confident we will get around 10 eggs at ER. I'm happy with that!

So tonight, at precisely 8:30, I'll be triggering!

So excited!

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