Thursday, January 6, 2011

*1st follie check*

I had my first monitoring appointment this morning to check my E2, P4, follicle growth and lining. I currently have 8 follies growing on my right side, all around 12mm and 6 growing on my left (2 around 12mm, the rest are a bit smaller). My lining is at that's good, they want it above 8 when you trigger. Now I just wait on my blood work results to find out what to do next. My wonderful NP said her best guess is that I'll go back on Saturday for another check and possibly add in the Ganirelix shot tonight.

It is really too early to tell but I'm thinking there's a chance I may trigger Sunday or Monday night..but I really don't know what affect the Ganirelix will have on everything since I've never taken it before.

I'm excited...I feel good. I'm a *little* disappointed that I only have 14 follies right now...I feel like for my age I should have more. :/

Oh well...quality over quantity, right?

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