Monday, June 7, 2010


I had a HIDA Scan today (that lasted for 3 hours!) and soon after I was finished my internist told me I'd be having surgery today. They are removing my gallbladder and making sure everything else looks ok. Apparently I am a very "misleading, confusing, abnormal case" after three days in the hospital I finally have a diagnosis and treatment plan!

The surgeon should be up here sometime this afternoon and then I'll be taken to the surgical area of the hospital. No idea what time that will be...

My RE also called me to check on me--the ER doctor called the clinic on Friday afternoon to find out about the IUI and since my RE was gone for the day, he spoke with one of the other REs in the practice. Apparently the ER doc was convinced I had a serious case of my RE was happy to find out the problem is not hepatitis. She said if everything goes as planned with the surgery, we can cycle again with my next period.

I'm so ready to get this going. I'm so over this pain. 16 hours without morphine was way, way too much for me to handle!

Game on...

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