Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm going HOME!

I'm absolutely thrilled to be leaving this dreadful place! Surgery was, obviously, a huge success! I went in around 4:30 yesterday afternoon and was back in my room around 9:00. I really haven't been in much pain post-surgery, just a little tender and sore where the [4] incisions are. But the pain is absolutely NOTHING like the horrific pain I felt prior to the surgery.

My surgeon came in my room early this morning and said he had cleared me to go home so as long as my internist agreed, I'd be free. He told me that my gallbladder was enlarged to over 3x the normal size and it was one of the worst looking ones he had ever seen. It was obvious it hadn't been working for a very long time. He said he felt comfortable telling me it is highly unlikely I will ever feel such pain again in my life--not even giving birth--natural birth! Whoa..

I had just taken a sponge bath (oh joy) and was standing in the bathroom brushing my teeth when my internist came in to see me. He was blown away at how good I looked. He couldn't believe I was standing and moving so well. So of course he approved my release.

Now I'm just waiting..I was supposed to get real food for breakfast but the cafeteria didn't get the memo so I'm thinking they will wait until after lunch, after I have my first real food in 7 days, to let me go home. Just to be sure everything goes well. Then The Coach is going to come pick me up and we have to go get my Rx for the pain killers and a few groceries for me..popsicles (my throat is very sore!), pudding, Sprite and maybe gummy bears =)

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers over the last few days. I really appreciate it all!

I beat this opponent...now on to beating infertility!!

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  1. I'm so glad you finally get to go home and everything is OK now!