Sunday, June 20, 2010

birth control pills

Want to hear something ironic? The Coach and I have been trying to have a baby for just over two years now and we've been with our RE for just over a year. Previous to us trying to have a baby, we didn't really use any method of birth control (pull and pray, I suppose) because we always knew we wanted kids and if it happened, it happened. We weren't planning for it but we also weren't against it. So I was really only on birth control pills during the very beginning of our relationship. So, what I'm getting at is...I've been on birth control pills more while we've actively been TTC (with a fertility specialist!!) than I was when we weren't trying to have a baby.

Ironic stuff.

So, I started birth control pills again on Friday. There was no way I could get in for a baseline for this cycle, meaning I couldn't cycle, so, in hopes of getting rid of any cysts--which I'm sure I have--that were the result of our last [canceled] cycle.

In other news, The Coach starts session #2 of camp today so I'm hoping to get to spend an hour with him between today and Wednesday. Early Thursday morning he flies up to New Jersey for a recruiting trip. I'll be working on planning our Chicago trip this week..considering I don't actually have work to do at work. My uber type A personality is loving putting this trip together!

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