Thursday, June 3, 2010


I just got back from my first monitoring appointment this cycle. The results...3 follies growing! Lots more that are small and likely won't mature (whew!). Right now I have 1 on my right ovary, 2 on my left. A 16 and two 14s. So one more night of stims and back up to the clinic bright and early tomorrow--7am with a 1 hour drive up there--for another ultrasound. Right now it is looking like I'll trigger tomorrow night for an IUI on Sunday.

The city where my RE's main clinic is located is a good 2.5 hour drive each way from where we live. They, luckily, have a few satellite offices around the state and one is about an hour from my house, 45 minutes from my office. However, my "local" clinic is closed on the weekends so if I ever need to go in over the weekend for monitoring or IUIs, I have to travel the 2.5 hours to the main office. So it looks like we are heading out on a road trip on Sunday. I'm really ok with this though...I absolutely love my NP at my local clinic..she does all of my monitoring and has done both of my IUIs and I adore her. But I am kind of excited about the possibility of someone else doing my next IUI. Not that it would really make any difference but in my could be a good change.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and well wishes--they seem to be working! Keep them comin'...

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