Friday, June 11, 2010

big day..

Considering I haven't kept any solid food down for over a week now, we put a call in to my internist last night. He recommended that I continue to suck down the Sprite and suck on the popsicles and then add in very low fat solids. So, my wonderful friend and neighbor agreed to drive me to the grocery store today. We went to our local Kroger, which I'm in love with. I grabbed a rotisserie chicken, pears, applesauce, soups, more Sprite, animal crackers, plain rice and baking potatoes for plain baked potatoes. Then we decided to hit up the new Publix that opened--I've heard great things but I'm so in love with my Kroger that I knew it would be hard to sway me. At Publix I picked up some watermelon, string cheese and oatmeal. By the time I got home, I was exhausted so I still haven't tried to eat any of it. I hope something works. It was a big trip out with lots of walking around but it felt really good to get some activity in. I'm planning on plain chicken and plain rice for dinner tonight. Fingers crossed it stays down..

BTW--Publix was nice but I still prefer my is hard to beat!

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