Wednesday, June 16, 2010


First off--this going back to work thing after surgery is tough stuff. I'm absolutely exhausted after work every I haven't gotten around to updating lately. So sorry! appears to be CD 1...which is odd, considering yesterday was only CD 21. Hmmm...I called the RE this afternoon to schedule a baseline for tomorrow morning but they haven't gotten back to me and they close, well, 12 minutes ago. So I guess maybe I'll be going Friday? Which is ok, since I have my surgical post-op appointment tomorrow and need to be cleared by my surgeon before my RE will let me cycle. I just thought I'd sneak a baseline in there first, since I'll likely have cysts.

In other news...The Coach and I are planning a vacation! I'm so, so excited! We never, ever get to go on vacation because of his job but this summer WE ARE! We are going to Chicago for a few days and then going to a nearby wedding the following weekend. Garrett's Popcorn and Pizzeria Uno here I come! :)

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