Sunday, June 6, 2010

still hospitalized

And I have no answers to share. All I know is this opponent SUCKS. This team I'm battling is kicking my ass...

My blood work from early this morning shows that my liver enzymes are decreasing (and getting closer to normal range) but are still a long, long way from normal. They are concerned with how slowly the numbers are decreasing and how far they really still are from normal. My pain today/tonight is as bad as it has ever been if I don't get my morphine right at the 3 hour mark.

I have another test tomorrow..some other type of abdomen screen..can't remember the name. And tons of blood work. And then my consultation with a surgical specialist. I'm assuming they think surgery is the only way they'll get any idea of what is really going on and try to stop the pain.

The Coach spent most of the day up here with me..we watched a lot of TV (mostly college baseball and softball) and took a nice walk outside. I feel so awful because this is his FIRST weekend off since New Year's weekend and he had to spend it here with me..poor guy.

I'll be sure to update y'all when I know more. Right now all I know is I'm nearing that dreaded 3 hour mark...

Oh nuuuuuuuurse......

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