Thursday, June 17, 2010

of course this would happen

Scheduling did call me back last night. Only to tell me it is impossible to cycle this month. You see, my clinic's main office is 2.5 hours (each way) away from my house and office. Their satellite office, where I go 90% of the time, is only an hour from my house, 45 minutes from my office. So, of course, that's where I wanted to go for my baseline (at 7am, I might add).

The scheduling lady kindly informed me that my NP will be out of the office Thursday and Friday but she could certainly set me up with a baseline appointment at their main office. Er, no. That won't work. You see, my post-op appointment is this afternoon. Here. In town. The only available time they could get in for my baseline would have made it impossible for me to make it back here in time for my post-op. My surgeon didn't have any other appointments available for today or tomorrow (he's in surgery all day tomorrow). And I have to see my surgeon before I can start any treatments because he has to clear me. But if I do see him today or tomorrow, that puts me too far into my cycle to start meds. And I can't take off of work at all on Friday to go up to the main office because my assistant is out on vacation Friday and one of the two of us must be in the office at all times. No exceptions. FML. No way to make it work. This cycle has gone up smoke, just like the last. And of course, wouldn't you know, next cycle won't work out either because we will be on our vacation. So we are looking at August as the soonest possible month to cycle. Again, FML. That's going to put us too damn close to our looming 7 month break because of The Coach's season for my comfort. Fabulous.

Looks like I may potentially be getting pregnant in 2021.

This happened once last summer when were cycling as well. I had to go up to the main office on a Sunday for a follie check (local clinic isn't open on the weekends). They said I needed to just do one more little follie check on Tuesday before triggering... No problem, right? WRONG. The NP was out of my local office that Tuesday so I had to go back up to the main office. Essentially take a half day off of work for a freakin' ultrasound. That lasted 2 minutes. And Tuesdays were damn near impossible for me to get out of work..I really had to work my magic with my boss on *that* one. The nurse was shocked that my NP just happened to be out of the office that particular Tuesday..."You know, in my 8 years of working here, she's never been out of the office for a full day. Not once!" Hmmm..interesting..considering that has now happened to me TWICE in 3 cycles. I mean, I'm not suggesting the poor woman never get a vacation day, but seriously, maybe have one of the REs (who do visit the local clinics) make a drip down on the days when the NPs are out of the office.

Just a thought.

So I'm now going on birth control. Because I'm sure, 110% positive that I have residual cysts from our last cycle that also went up in smoke so this is me "self medicating" I guess. Not that I (or my nurse) see any harm in it. I mean, with my luck, what are the chances my surgeon would even clear me for pregnancy anyway?

I'm failing miserably at this game. My opponent may run-rule me. Sweep the series. Knock me the f out...

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