Saturday, June 26, 2010


The Coach has been on the road recruiting...he was supposed to have a 6am flight this morning, getting him to his final destination airport at 8am, and he'd was supposed to be home about an hour later. I told him last night to call me when he was on the plane, before take-off. That would have been 5am my time. I woke up, randomly, at 5:30 and realized I hadn't heard from The Coach. I called him immediately, fearing the worst...he answered in his I'm-still-fast-asleep voice. 30 minutes after his flight had taken off. He was still asleep at the hotel.


They couldn't get him on a flight anytime soon so he won't be getting home until tonight. So much for date night.

The Coach flies, on average, 3-4 times a month. His return flights are never, ever, EVER on time. The vast majority are delayed by a few hours or canceled all together. If I'm being honest, his flight this morning [which did leave and arrive on time] is the only one I remember being right on the money in probably 8 months.

Too bad he wasn't on it.

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