Friday, December 3, 2010

total madness

I got my period late yesterday afternoon (but early enough and heavy enough for yesterday to be considered CD1). I looked at the calendar, did the math and figured there is no way I could start BCP right now because that would put my ER smack dab in the middle of the week the embryologist's lab is closed. I called my IVF nurse this morning and left her a voicemail, fully expecting her to call me back and tell me to sit this month out and that I'd go on BCP next cycle.


At 9:45 the scheduling department called and said my IVF nurse wanted me to come in immediately for my IVF baseline and my labs had to be drawn by 10:00. Not happening. Not only was I at work but the clinic is 45 minutes away and my car didn't have any gas in it. I panicked, called The Coach and told him to pick me up at my office ASAP. We sped up the interstate to the clinic and walked in at 10:34. The currier was already gone with today's labs (the clinic sends all of the blood draws up to the main clinic for testing). My NP said that it isn't a problem, that since they are just testing my FSH and Estradiol, it isn't a problem for the sample to be looked at on Monday. The results wouldn't change anything anyway, since I'm just going on BCP. If I were to start stims, that would be a different story but she assured me it is fine.

After my draw I had my baseline ultrasound. I have one small cyst but the BCP will take care of that easily. The ultrasound showed 10 antral follies on my right ovary and 18 on my left---I was very happy with that!

So I'm starting BCP tomorrow and I'm meeting with my IVF nurse on the 14th to discuss my timeline and calendar. At that time she'll make the call if we need to extend the BCP an extra week so we can avoid the lab closing issue.


PS...The Coach and I are going to the SEC Championship Game tomorrow...WAR DAMN EAGLE! :)

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