Thursday, December 30, 2010

oh snap...

I forgot to tell y'all that my NP talked with my RE yesterday and they've decided to switch all of my stims to IM shots instead of subq like originally planned.

So not excited about this! Now instead of a teeny, tiny painless needle in my tummy, I'll get a super huge, thick needle stuck in the muscles in my ass every night. With Menopur that burns like no other, to boot!

So...let's assume that this IVF works..I'll be on PIO through the first trimester, bare minimum. So, estimating here, if I do stims for 8 days, that's 8 IM shots and then the trigger, that's another IM shot. So 9 total to get me to the ER and ET. Then I'll start PIO. So let's, you guessed it, estimate again, that I'd be on PIO for 9 weeks post ET (since technically the first three weeks of the pregnancy are during stims/ER/ET) that's another 63 days of IM shots. Add that to the 9 for stims/trigger and we are at 72 days of IM shots!!! I'm going to have one sore, sore ass.

I'm seriously going to need to convince my business manager at work that I need a new, more plush chair...or I'll be bringing my damn pillow to the office to sit on.

Ahhh...the realities of infertility...

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  1. WTH? I do not like this update at all. But, one sore ass with totally be worth a precious baby! But, I know you know that already!