Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yessssssssssssss......vacation....oh happy day!

One of the few perks of working in higher education is holiday vacation time. Because the students are off from early December-mid January, the staff gets a decent break, too. Our last day was yesterday and we are off until January 3rd! And I couldn't be any happier. I definitely need a break from that place. Yesterday we also had our department holiday party so we left the office at 12:45. After the party some of us went out for happy hour...mmm...sangria! The perfect way to start vacation.

The Coach is on vacation as well...or as much of vacation as he can stand. He'll be going into the office for a few hours most days but that's much better than his typical 14-16 hour days...

My IVF nurse called on Thursday and said that all of The Coach's cryoscreen blood work came back normal so we have the go-ahead for him to give a sample for the clinic to freeze (in case he is sick or something comes up when he would need to provide the fresh sample for our IVF). So we've scheduled that for Tuesday. It has to be done at the main clinic so that means another trip across the state.... I'm also having my cryoscreens blood work done that day.

My nurse also put in the order for all of my IVF meds with the pharmacy and they called me last week to confirm. Because I don't need the meds for awhile they are going to hold off on shipping them to me. I plan to call them this coming week to have them send them out....I know it is going to be very overwhelming to receive all those meds and I'll be sure to post a picture for y'all to see!

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