Tuesday, December 14, 2010

got it!

I finally got my break! It is about damn time.

I had my scheduled pre-IVF phone call with my IVF nurse this morning. She went over all of the ins and outs of IVF (our medical history, our calendar, the different meds I'll be on, the actual procedures...all that fun stuff) and then asked if I had any questions...of course I have questions..you'll learn about my personality soon enough...I asked her about the SIS results and if my RE had looked at them yet. She said that my RE got together with the other REs in the practice and they all decided there was no reason to postpone the cycle. The growth is so tiny and at the very top of my uterus so they don't see it interfering with anything. The nurse said that most ultrasound techs wouldn't have even noticed the growth during the SIS--my local NP is just that good. If the growth was in the endometrium, we probably would need to have it removed. So, onward we go!

I have my appointment for next Wednesday for my cryoscreens (infections disease panel) and then I'll take my last BCP on the 28th, go in for my suppression check on the 29th and likely start stims on January 2nd! We are looking at an ER around 1/12 or 1/13.

Oh my God..this is really going to happen!

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