Tuesday, December 21, 2010

it is Christmas!

The Coach and I were gone all day today and we came home to a huge box....hmmm...December 21st...could it be clothes? cookies? chocolates? another gift for the holidays? NOPE! It is was our IVF meds! YAY! Just as exciting as any Christmas gift could be!

I'll be on the antagonist protocol...Gonal-F, Menopur and then adding in Ganirelix. Using an hCG trigger to induce ovulation and then post ET I'll be on PIO (progesterone in oil shots). Here is a picture of all of my goodies:From left to right, in the back, Gonal-F, in front of that is the Novarel triggers, next to the Gonal-F is the Ganirelix, in front of that are the IM needles for PIO. Next to the Ganirelix is my brand new Sharps container (because my other two are full!) and in front of that is the PIO and in front of the PIO is the needles used to mix it. Next to the PIO is the Menopur and in front of that is all of the needles to mix and inject the Menopur and Gonal-F (which will be mixed and injected all at once).

7 boxes of Gonal-F at an out-of-pocket price of $4,939.42

2 boxes of Menopur at an out-of-pocket price of $1,057.45

5 boxes of Ganirelix at an out-of-pocket cost of $621.65

Novarel Trigger
2 boxes of Novarel hCG trigger at an out-of-pocket price of $245.73

6 boxes of PIO at an out-of-pocket cost of $221.03

Now, add all of that up, plus the cost of the needles, syringes and the Sharps container and you will get a grand total of......$7105.48!!

Holy hell. I'm in the wrong field.

That is just meds..and not even all of them. That doesn't include the two packs of birth control pills or the progesterone suppositories I am/will be on. And of course that doesn't include any of the actual IVF costs (baselines, HSG, SIS, semen freeze, cryoscreens, suppression check, monitoring appointments, ER, ET....)...seriously...it makes me sick to think that we have to pay this much money for a CHANCE to have a baby. Something most people just have sex to achieve. How depressing. Now, in light of full disclosure, The Coach and I are very, very blessed to have some Rx coverage for some of the meds needed for our IVF cycle. We have very random, very spotty coverage with super high co-pays but we did not have to pay $7,000 for the meds. Now, if only we had coverage for the actual IVF...


  1. I love this post! Not the cost aspect but the fact that you have your meds. I expect daily e-mail updates once you get going!!

    Love you!

  2. Woah. Seeing all those meds like that makes me realize what a process this IVF thing is. I can't wait to get my meds too! GL, sending tons of PPV vibes!