Friday, November 19, 2010

Yea, The Coach and I have decided to do IVF.


I know, I know...crazy.

Basically, my Thrombosis Profile came back clotting disorders. So now I want to see my egg quality. And with The Coach's season looming, meaning another 7+ month break where we can do nothing, I need something big, something big to keep me sane. And that is IVF! If, God forbid, our fresh cycle doesn't work, hopefully we'd have a few frozen embryos to do a FET or two in the spring, and The Coach doesn't have to be around for those like he does for an IUI.

So I'm meeting with my RE on Tuesday to go over everything...our protocol, when stuff will start, if I need to re-do any tests (HSG, SIS)...


Off to happy to our celebrate and drown my nerves!

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