Monday, September 27, 2010

one last time

I guess we are going to try one more IUI. I really don't care to. I have zero faith that it will work. I don't know that I'm totally ready to give up TTC all together but, I don't see the point in doing an IUI and, at this time, I'm not willing to do IVF. But The Coach really wants to try one last time. And I can't deny him of that.

So today is CD 1. The problem (because, of course there is always a problem) is that in the past all of my IUIs have fallen on CD 11 or 12. CD 11 this cycle would be the first day of The Coach's fall season games. Making it very difficult for him to be out of the office all morning. CD 12 falls on the day The Coach is booked on the first flight out to go to New Jersey recruiting. We've talked about this, how bad the timing is and how it isn't really going to be possible with that schedule, but he still really wants to try. So he said he would change things if he has to...

I'm waiting on scheduling to call me back to schedule a baseline. I guess I'm back in the game. One last time. Final at bat (at least for the foreseeable future) and I'm terrified. Scared out of my mind. And totally depressed at the though (and likelihood) of another BFN.

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