Tuesday, August 10, 2010

IUI #3, take 2

Everything looked great at my baseline this morning! No cysts, lots of antral follies, good to go. My Follistim has been ordered and I start stims tomorrow night! Yay!

This cycle could get quite complicated though...logistically. My RE's main office is far away (as I've previously mentioned) and I do all of my monitoring and IUIs at their satellite office (still kind of far away). That office only has 1 NP and she has to be in the office for the other nurse to be able to perform ultrasounds. Said NP is out all of next week and part of the following week for a minor surgery. Meaning no ultrasounds at my clinic. Meaning The Coach and I will get to travel 2.5 each way to the main clinic probably about 3 times next week.

I have yet to tell my boss that I'll essentially need to take 3 half days next week but I know she won't be happy about it. Our busy season has struck and we are slammed. I just know that we've had to wait so long, come so far to get to this point in the game..I have to do this. I just have to. If I don't get this at bat, I might need a straight jacket.

I wish I was kidding...

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