Friday, August 20, 2010

32 million!!

The Coach's post-wash sample for our IUI yesterday was just over 32 million! I am absolutely thrilled! It had been so long since we had any kind of look at his swimmers, I was extremely anxious of what we would find. Man, am I ever happy about that!

The IUI went well...we did a lot of things different for this IUI...a different NP did the procedure, it was done in a different room, we went to a different breakfast place in between (after The Coach did his part, while the wash was taking place) was also lucky (IUI) #3 and The Coach's birthday. I'm hoping these are all positive things!

I go in next Tuesday for a progesterone check because it has been so long since I cycled last. Beta is August 31st. Eek...send all of the + beta vibes you have, please! I really want this to be our cycle!