Thursday, July 15, 2010


So this post clearly isn't about IF (although in some ways, I suppose it is--aging and all) but it is about my wrinkles. YES, I have wrinkles. And I'm only 24. On Tuesday night, as I was applying my anti-aging cream, I noticed some wrinkles around my eyes. WHAT?!? I've always taken good care of my skin and the day I turned 24 I began using anti-aging cream every day..morning and night! And eye cream. WTH.

Ok, in the interest of full disclosure, I suppose these things I see around my eyes truly aren't wrinkles..more like fine lines. Baby wrinkles. The origin of wrinkles, if you will. I freaked out. FREAKED OUT. The Coach was outside with the dogs and I flew through the house, out the door, screaming hysterically about my wrinkles. The Coach just rolled his eyes at me and said "It sucks getting old, huh?" (As a side note, The Coach is WAY older than I am so any time he says anything like that, I can always just say "Yeah, it does..but just think, if I'm getting old, how old does that MAKE YOU?")

So now I've invested in some new, stronger, more potent eye cream. Hopefully that will stop these baby wrinkles in their tracks.

This is fabulous. I'm 24, have wrinkles and yet can't have a ironic.

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