Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm drugged up!

First shot of Follistim this cycle...CHECK! Easy as pie. The Coach and I went to dinner last night at this great little bar/grille down the street from our house. Because we live in such an awesome neighborhood, we knew just about everyone in the place so a quick dinner turned into a few hours worth of catching up with friends and watching the baseball game. Sometime I'll have to tell y'all about our great neighborhood, but to sum it up, we live in the historical district, just a few blocks from downtown, with huge old houses with great front porches, great friends all around, and great restaurants and a fabulous martini bar just blocks away. I truly adore this place! Anyway, before I knew it was almost 9:00. I'm supposed to shoot up at 9:00! So I gave The Coach "the look" and he quickly got the check. Ha! Before I knew it we were home, I was standing at my stabbing station, with a needle two inches from my belly.

How I hate needles. I mean HATE needles. For me it isn't an issue of the pain or anything like, that would be too easy. For me, I think too much into it, just like everything else in the world. Nothing is supposed to penetrate your skin. Just not natural. Your skin is a barrier. It is meant to protect your body. And now I'm willingly breaking that barrier? ::shudder:: So once I get over that mental issue, I'm fine. My first cycle with injects last fall, I freaked out when I had to give myself the shot. FREAKED OUT. I kept holding the needle an inch away from my body, getting it close and pulling it away sobbing "I just can't do it". After many pre-game pep talks and my refusal to buy into his motivations, The Coach got very aggravated with me, walked away from the stabbing station and within seconds, I had stabbed myself. Take that Coach! This time around, however, it was over as soon as it began. But again, The Coach had to leave the ballpark before I could step up to the plate.

So tonight is round two...druggin' up with another 150 ius of Follistim at 9pm sharp. As I've previously mentioned, The Coach had to fly to Florida for a quick recruiting trip for the day and he should be home around 10pm so I guess I won't have to ask him to vacate the ballpark so I can continue to battle at this at-bat.


  1. Loving your blog! I also can't give myself the injection with DH standing there. It is between me and the needle, no one else. Have a great weekend. (p.s. I'm SallyAnneS)

  2. Alex willingly leaves - just seeing a needle makes him want to pass out!