Friday, May 28, 2010

big day today!

I start stims tonight! Less than 12 hours! Woo-hoo! Last night I got my little stabbing station all set up..pulled out the rubbing alcohol and the cotton swabs and grabbed the Sharps container (and gave it a good shake--it is crazy to me that all of the needles rattling around in there are actually mine). The Coach looked at me like I was crazy..."Babe, you don't start until tomorrow night..your meds aren't even here yet." Yeah, are exactly right, darling..I start tomorrow and I have to prepare.

My meds are being delivered this afternoon between 2:00-3:00. 4 cartridges of Follistim, the hCG trigger shot and progesterone suppositories--fun stuff! All I can say is thank God for Rx don't even want to know what all of that would cost without it (or, for that matter, what it cost even with it). I told The Coach he needs to get home ASAP today. The Follstim needs to be refrigerated and while it does come in a neat little insulated is going to be a HOT day in the deep south and well, I worry. About everything. Of course The Coach said he'll be done when he's done and everything will be fine. And I know he is right. But dangit, I want those meds in my fridge, not sitting on my front porch. Le sigh.

In other is almost the weekend baby! I LIVE for the weekend! And this weekend is extra special because it is a 3 day weekend! Yay! The Coach and I don't have many big plans.. he is flying out tomorrow to go on a quick recruiting trip (he'll be back late tomorrow night) and our lack of plans is just fine with me. A relaxing weekend, at home, with my dogs, in the AC with my Follistim shots! Bliss :)

Ok, so, the next time I update, I will officially be STIMMING! Yea...I really need to calm down about that...I can see The Coach rolling his eyes at me from across campus. Last night we discussed our own personal gameplan for this cycle and that mainly involved me remaining calm, relaxed, positive and hopeful. We also have a vision for this cycle...of knocking one right on outta the park. So right now, I'm picturing myself in the batting cages, gearing up, getting ready, getting in the groove... hitting the (Infertility) ball hard and far!


  1. YAY for starting stims! And double YAY for a long, relaxing weekend! It is going to be a hot one here too!

  2. Heather-Lovin' the blog. Now I need to kick mine into gear. Have an awesome weekend!